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Protandim - Marci Preble
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Pacific Coast LetipProtandim is literally the best thing that has happened to me. I'm 21 and a third year at a very demanding university. I have my sights on law school, and have had a great deal of apprehension about the road to getting there. Those worries(combined with a series of setbacks last year) left me with a generalized anxiety disorder. My hair was falling out from the follicle, my skin was awful and I felt nauseated more often than not. The worst symptoms by far had to be the muscle tension and tension headaches which caused me to have significant trouble concentrating and sleeping.

In an attempt to help my hair and skin condition, my mother mailed me a bottle of Protandim. She was convinced that I had hormonal issues and that this would help me. My mom is quite gullible, and has had a go at selling and using more pyramid scheme products than I feel the average american has. So I had little to no faith in trying this product, and only did so because I was at wits end.

I can't deny the results however. Within two days of taking the supplement I had NO muscle tension! It was a bit strange because I was still having the cognitive symptoms of my disorder. However, a few days later through some conscious effort, I was able to rewire my mind into thinking positively. Honestly, I was astounded. I wasn't expecting this product to work for my skin condition (which I'm not sure that it has as yet), but it did me one better and cleared up my crippling anxiety. I feel energetic and positive, and ready to tackle anything from the moment I wake up! I'm hoping this won't become a case of diminishing returns is all.
~ Sunny V.
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