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The Full Sail Graphics & Marketing team has the combined experience to give you confidence that we will deliver quality products on time and within your budget. Our Sales Manager has more than twenty years of sales and marketing experience which includes launching new products into domestic and international markets and is an expert at creative problem solving and project management. Our Production Manager started out as a typographer and has over 30 years of experience. He has a complete understanding of our clients' needs and is thoroughly trained in the latest digital printing technology. Our Graphics team provides creativity and state-of-the-art technology to capture our customers' vision of and transform it into works of art that help our clients increase their business.

Orange County Graphics MarketingWe use state of the art Hewlett Packard, wide-format (60 inch), latex ink printers to combine the fastest speed, with vivid, bright high resolution colors. We utilize 3M vinyl materials because they are proven to provide long lasting quality and durability. We could use less expensive materials but it would impact the longevity of our products and ultimately dissatisfy our customers.

All businesses have an impact on the environment. Full Sail Graphics & Marketing is committed to minimizing that impact. Many printers promote the use of Eco-Solvent inks as being Environmentally Friendly (EF). The truth is that while Eco-Solvents are less toxic than they were previously, they are still harmful to the environment. Only water or vegetable based inks can truly be termed safe for the environment. According to a the Eco-Ink Report by Charles Spear posted on

Orange County Graphics MarketingEF inks as those containing the highest quantity of bio-derived, renewable raw materials available for the particular ink technology, along with the lowest possible VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels. As such, the term EF inks denotes the broad spectrum of inks used in most of the major printing processes, within which several categories qualify as environmentally friendly, i.e. aqueous or water based, energy curable, and paste inks based on low VOC oils or vegetable oils. There are inks used in the inkjet process which are termed eco-solvent, mild solvent and bio-solvent inks. These contain fewer VOC emissions than the aggressive or true solvent inks but are still toxic, and hence are not considered to be environmentally friendly. For obvious reasons, water-based and UV inkjet are EF alternatives.

Full Sail Graphics & Marketing uses water based, latex ink and participates in Hewlett Packard's Planet Partner program to recycle ink cartridges. We also recycle or reuse our cardboard packaging to minimize waste going into landfills.

Orange County Graphics Marketing"Peter is the type of manager that you can count on to get things done. He is detail oriented and stays on task creating well above average results. Peter also has the people skills that build team performace and loyality to the company and enhancing team performance. He is truly a gifted manager of process and of people." Orange County Graphics Marketing
~ Gary C., General Manager, Pella WIndows and Doors/Hawaii & Southern California
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Orange County Graphics Marketing

Orange County Graphics Marketing